Grand Finals 2023 
Toronto Defiant
September 28 - October 1, 2023
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Grand Finals 2023 
Toronto Defiant
September 28 - October 1, 2023
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Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022

The Overwatch League 2023 Grand finals

Toronto Defiant hosts Canada’s first-ever Overwatch League Grand Finals at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, September 28- October 1, 2023. Experience esports live; come join the party featuring a fan activation zone, OW free play, and a chance to see the Top Overwatch players from around the world compete LIVE for $2.4 Million CAD in prize money and the title of the Overwatch League 2023 Champions!





  • Premium Seats (Floor)
  • 30 Minute Early Access
  • Exclusive Meet & Greet
  • Exclusive Fan Giveaway
  • Custom Credential
  • + More


4-DAY WEEKEND PASS | $175 (Floor)

4-DAY WEEKEND PASS | $125 (Bowl)

DAILY PASS THU | $40 (Bowl)

DAILY PASS FRI | $40 (Bowl)



Mattamy Athletic Centre
50 Carlton St Toronto,
ON M5B 1J2


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Where will the Overwatch League Playoffs & Grand Finals take place?

The Overwatch League Playoffs & Grand Finals will take place at Mattamy Athletic Centre located at 50 Carlton St., Toronto, ON M5B 1J2.

When will the Overwatch League Playoffs & Grand Finals take place?

The Overwatch League Playoffs & Grand Finals will take place September 28 – October 1.

What time do doors open?

FAN ZONE doors open at 11:30AM
GENERAL ADMISSION doors open at 12PM

Is there an age limit for the event?

Children ages 6 and up are welcome, children 5 and under will not be permitted entry.  Anyone 12 years of age or under must be accompanied by an adult.

What is the bag policy for the event?

All bags and purses must be soft sided and not exceed 16” x 16” x 8”. Backpacks are prohibited, except for single-compartment drawstring bags that do not exceed the bag-size requirements of 16” x 16” x 8”. Exceptions are for those that are carried for medical reasons. All attendees will have to undergo a metal detector and bag check security screening.

Are there any prohibited items at the event?

Prohibited items include: firearms, replica firearms, or other weapons (including as part of a costume), ammunition, self-defense sprays (e.g., mace or pepper spray), laser pointers or any other item which may be used to create a visual distraction, fireworks, explosives, or any flammable liquid are not permitted.  Additional prohibited items include large bags, laptops, electronic storage devices, alcohol, fireworks, large containers, airhorns, megaphones, monopods, and tripods.  Any attendee found to have violated the prohibited items list may be removed from the event.  There is no place to store any prohibited items at the venue.

Can I bring in outside food or drink into the venue?

No outside food/drink will be allowed inside the venue.  There will be areas to purchase both items once you are inside.  

What is the camera policy?

Cameras must be self-contained, may not draw on Mattamy Athletic Centre’s power sources, and must be operated by a single individual without use of ancillary equipment, such as a tripod or external lights.  Pedestrian traffic may not be blocked at any point.

What is the cosplay policy for the event?

Please see below for costume and prop rules for Cosplay at the event.
Costume Rules
Costumes that may be confused with official government law enforcement of any kind are not permitted
No profanity may be permitted on clothing or costume
No sexually explicit or generally offensive costumes
Shoes must always be worn (flip-flops at minimum)
Cosplayers may be asked to remove face coverings (including masks or helmets) at any time for security purposes
Prop Rules
Prop weapons are subject to evaluation. Prop weapons composed of foam or cardboard will be allowed.
Projectile costume firearms must be rendered inoperable so as not to fire a projectile of any kind, including BBs, pellets, airsoft, foam darts, or any other replica ammunition. The barrel of any prop firearm must be covered with a brightly covered cap. No weapons with a hard blade will be allowed.
Projectile props must be rendered inoperable or will not be permitted into the facility. Any bow type weapon must be unstrung, any prop arrows must be made of foam or cardboard and possess soft, blunted tips.
Costume blunt weapons such as hammers, staves, or wands must be made of appropriate lightweight prop-making material (including but not limited to Worbla or foam) and contain no sharp edges or other elements capable of causing harm.
Costume swords may not have any sharp edges or tip and must be made of the appropriate lightweight materials mentioned above.
Other prop items not listed here should conform to good judgment to avoid harming or inconveniencing other attendees and are subject to review and approval by event security.

Ticketing policy

Personal information the Overwatch League (“OWL”) collect or receive in connection with your ticket purchase is subject to the Overwatch League privacy policy available at Ticket holder (and/or ticket holder’s parent or legal guardian) grants OWL and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, sponsors, advertisers, media partners, licensees and other designees the irrevocable permission to use holder’s name, image, voice, and/or likeness in any media (now or hereafter existing), video display, or other transmission, reproduction or depiction in connection with all or part of the event to which this ticket admits holder, for any purpose whatsoever, including commercial purposes. Ticket holder agrees not to transmit or aid in transmitting any photograph, image, video, livestream or other account or description (whether text, data, auditory or visual) of all or part of the event to which this ticket admits holder (the “Works”). Transmission or other distribution by, to, or for any commercial enterprise, and any public performance or display, direct or indirect, of the Works are also strictly prohibited. Ticket holder (and/or ticket holder’s parent or legal guardian) agrees that by causing this ticket to be scanned upon entry to the venue, ticket holder shall be understood to have signed this document and granted OWL an exclusive, worldwide, sub-licensable, royalty-free license to all copyrights associated with the Works.

Can I exchange or upgrade my tickets?

Did you purchase tickets, and now see better seats available? We can help! If you see seats you prefer that are the same price or higher for your event, Contact Us for detailed instructions on how to process your exchange. Note: Not all events allow exchanges and a per ticket exchange fee may apply. 
Tickets must have been purchased directly from Ticketmaster and have an order/confirmation number in this format: 24-13579/CH3.  
Please note that exchanges are not available for: 
Tickets for events that are less than 72 hours away 
Tickets purchased through resale 
Tickets that were transferred to you or tickets purchased from a 3rd party site 
Tickets of lesser price (than the price you paid) 
Please see our Purchase Policy for more information. 


There are several paid parking lots surrounding the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Please note that free parking is not available at Loblaws for any event or activities held at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Pricing at these parking lots and space availability are subject to change. 

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