We are accelerating and strengthening the gaming movement for fans everywhere

Who we are

We are Canada’s largest esports ownership group. We are building a media, sports, and entertainment company for the next generation of fans. Our global headquarters is proudly based in Toronto and we have offices in Madrid and Berlin.

Our core focus

We are knocking down barriers and redefining boundaries. Creating monumental experiences for the gaming generations to come. Uniting the gaming community on a local and global stage.

Teams & leagues

Providing unforgettable digital and live fan experiences in the world’s largest esports leagues

Event Production

Providing digital and live event expertise with focus on the gamer and esports audience


Gamer centric content, merchandise, and experiences at the heart of youth culture

Venue Ownership

Soon to offer a world class live experience in Toronto’s newest entertainment venue


Our vision is to build a world leading global esports company that will redefine the future of sports and entertainment.


We build teams, communities and experiences that engage, resonate and inspire generations of fans.

We are building a world leading, 21st century sports media and entertainment company, and at the heart of everything we do, is the desire to provide unparalleled experiences to a new generation of fans that think differently about their entertainment choices.

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